13 Ways From Semalt To Promote Your Website Yourself And For Free

Whatever niche you work in and whatever you do, you should understand how important online promotion is for modern business. Even if you don't get customers directly from online, it can be used to build brand awareness, build a reputation, and many other important things.

Indeed, there are ways to promote the site yourself, which are accessible to almost everyone, as they do not require special knowledge and skills.

Free website promotion, of course, will not provide you with the same return as the work of experienced specialists like Semalt. But by doing this kind of work, you can still get traffic and increase your site's visibility in the SERP, thus laying the foundation for future growth.

And if you want to get results as quickly as possible and achieve your goals in a short period, Semalt has the professionals to help you do it in no time at all.

Nevertheless, in this article, you will discover how to promote your website yourself for free.

1. Sign up with Google My Business

Interestingly, many people still do not even know about the existence of this service. If you are also one of them, you can register for it on this page. Google My Business was originally created to help local entrepreneurs better communicate their information to potential clients in their hometown. In terms of local SEO, this is a must-have tool that can hardly be overestimated.

And here are the opportunities it offers companies:
Provided that the company card is filled out correctly in Google My Business, this can allow you to quickly get to the Top in your city, with zero financial investments.

A very important point - your customers will be able to add reviews to your company card, therefore, it is worth keeping an eye on this and reacting promptly. Well, do not be lazy to add more information, as this is a good way to stand out from competitors who do not bother with such things.

2. Add the site to directories

Usually, directories are associated with something not very good and are ignored by many. But, first of all, adding a site to most of them will be completely free. And secondly, it will give additional links, which is useful for promotion, and transitions from them can also be obtained.

You can search for them by queries like "niche name + site catalog / catalog", for example, "online store catalog, dropshipping catalog, etc.".

But, not always. It is very difficult to find directories for adding a site in some topics, therefore, I recommend paying attention to city portals, based on which there is often a section with enterprises.

Some of them can be registered for free, some require payment of a certain tariff. Although, the amounts are usually small. Worth a try anyway.

3. Chat on the forums

Despite the massive exodus of users to social networks, some forums are not only not losing popularity, but are developing quite well. It's all about the convenience of searching for information, certain anonymity (nicknames, not real names), and a higher level of expertise of such communities.

If on the same construction forum you can easily find the desired thread and even a separate message even after a year, then on social networks this is almost impossible.

In topic threads, answering questions from other users and helping them in solving their problems, you can also share links to the pages of your site. The main thing is that the recommendation is appropriate, really useful, and does not resemble spam or banal advertising.

Also, be sure to pay attention to such a useful option as the ability to place a link in the signature. It usually opens after some posts you have added to the forum.

4. Develop pages on social networks

This seems like a simple and straightforward piece of advice, but it's surprising how many business owners neglect it. For example, for an online clothing store, you can create official pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+.

This is neither more nor less - four additional points of presence in the search results! It's just important not only to create such pages but also to develop them. Even if you publish one post a week, it's already good.

Not sure where to start? Just add a photo of your office, production, interesting selection of products, share your thoughts, etc. You can see how niche leaders conduct their social accounts and learn something from them. And as the first participants, just ask friends and acquaintances to add.

Each social network makes it possible to indicate a link to the company's website on their official pages, which should be considered as an additional promotion channel to attract traffic.

5. Start the email campaign

It's much easier than you think. It is not necessary to typeset a newsletter template from scratch, look for a designer, and do other things, the time for which has clearly not come at the start. And don't be intimidated by the English language in Mailchimp, there are multilingual alternatives.

In addition, if you do not always know how to proceed, you can visit semalt.com for more information on this subject.

6. Add your site URL everywhere

The first clients can be successfully found among their friends and acquaintances. Just for a start, it would be nice to tell them what you are doing. Usually, we just don't think about it, but there are more than enough ways to tell about the existence of our site:
Even if you just throw a link in a messenger to a friend or mention it during a conversation, it will already be beneficial. And, yes, it's all completely free for you.

7. Create interesting content

People are not interested in boring things for there is enough boredom in everyday life. But, the main thing is that even really interesting information will not be popular if the format itself is not interesting.

Therefore, strive to create content that would be interesting to you yourself. Which would arouse the desire to share and bring real benefit, or at least the pleasure of reading. In fact, even in seemingly niches, it is possible. Just always put yourself in the shoes of the target audience you are doing this for.

Think for yourself, what is more, interesting for a person who wants to build a house - available projects and ready-made objects that you have built, or what are you "#1" and how long have you been on the market? A rhetorical question.

8. Ask clients for recommendations

It is difficult to think of a better confirmation of expertise, good quality of work, and product than the reviews of satisfied customers. Or you can go further and ask your customers to share their recommendations in the form of, for example, posting on social networks or recording videos.

Considering that each user has dozens or even hundreds of friends, this can provide a good effect on transitions and even conversions. It's hard to say for which niche it works better, but the payoff should be both for online stores and for businesses in the service sector.

Not the fact that many will agree to do it for free, but still, some will agree. Well, instead of money, you can offer a discount or other bonuses in return for the next purchase.

Speaking of customer testimonials, we invite you to discover customer opinions on the best promotional tools related to the professional services offered by Semalt.

9. Write an article for another site

Any person has some unique experience and knowledge that others do not have. Especially when it comes to entrepreneurs and professionals who have been working in a certain niche for a long time. And you can be sure that your experience and expert opinion will be of interest to many. Primarily target audience of potential customers.

On the English-speaking Internet, a method of free promotion known as "guest blogging" is popular. Its essence boils down to the fact that you are preparing material for another site, which mentions a link to your project.

You, as a business owner, get a free posting of a publication with a link, and the site owner gets high-quality and unique content. As a result, both sides win.

10. Use blogging platforms

They can be effectively used for free promotion of your site by publishing articles with a link to your resource. And even if the "weight" that such links transfer is relatively small, you can use the platforms for free.

In addition to being free to use, blogging platforms have another important advantage. This is the presence of a huge number of users who are members of the community. And among them, there is probably your target audience.

11. Make an e-book

You've probably seen offers to receive an e-book in exchange for your email address on a variety of sites.

Making an e-book is actually much easier than you might think. If we talk about the simplest and fastest option, then you just need to compile interesting material in a Word or PowerPoint document, insert a high-quality picture as a cover and use the "Save as" menu option, and then select "PDF or XPS" as the final format... Also, don't forget to add your website address to your cover page or headers and footers.

The main thing is that the topic of the book is really in demand, sufficiently voluminous, and does not lose its relevance over time. You can find one in almost any topic, here are a couple of examples for different niches:

12. Join Facebook Communities

These are interest groups created by users of this social network, which can sometimes have tens of thousands of members. To find a community on your topic, just enter a keyword in the Facebook search and click the "More search results" button.

Depending on the popularity of the niche, the list can be pretty impressive. Then just click the "Join" button. In open groups, you can immediately get the status of a participant, and in closed groups, it will take some time for the moderator to confirm the application.

Then, you can repost links to articles from your site to the community, which consistently ensures the transitions of an interested audience. The main thing is to do this not too often and not to add advertising materials, otherwise, your activity may be regarded as spam, with the corresponding consequences.

13. Create a YouTube channel

Working with video content may seem like a daunting task, but it's easier than you think. It is not necessary to rent a studio, buy professional equipment, or hire an operator and editor. To begin with, you can shoot on a regular smartphone, and instead of coming up with a complex plot, you simply:
You can create a YouTube channel completely free of charge using the official instructions. For more information about the benefits of video marketing and the specifics of working in this area, you can read the article on how to use a YouTube video channel for business on our blog.


As you can see, there are more than enough ways to promote your site for free. Although their effectiveness is lower than in the case of investments with a sufficient budget, using these methods in practice allows you to get a return on the efforts made and lay a good foundation for future advancement.

The article lists the methods that work and do not require too much investment of time. And nothing prevents you from using them altogether, which will ultimately give a great cumulative effect.

To help you effectively promote your website, we offer you to analyze it here for free to know exactly what you need to improve in order to succeed quickly.

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